The Discipline of Joy

This week I was hurt. Not the kind of hurt I can talk about on this blog, it involves people I love and things that are not mine to share, but my heart was flat broken. I woke up yesterday morning  with puffy eyes and 4 hours of sleep to the funniest little whisper from God... a verse I hadn't read or thought of in years.

she can laugh at the days to come. Proverbs 31:25

This woman had her allotted share of suffering just like the rest of us... but she could laugh at the future whatever it held.

It kept ringing in my mind as my command. My choice. After involuntarily crying for most of the day before, to think that joy was mine for the taking... laughter was what He wanted from me, actually made me laugh (and then start crying again. :)

As I searched for more of this call growing in me, I got into James 1 where God calls us to "Count it all joy when we meet trials of various kinds" because all of this suffering is building something, doing something in us and for God. And then He reminds us later in that chapter that it is all leading to a crown of life... it is all leading to heaven.

If my days are few on this planet.... and I believe they suffer- to hurt- to cry- to ache is a very very doable thing.

In fact, if hurting makes me ache for heaven, makes me need God, makes me strong for my few days here, makes me love and empathize with others, makes me less selfish, makes me humble like I should be, then I want to suffer.

And that makes me laugh... because I am asking for trouble.... and longing for my few days here to be more than happy... more than easy. So yesterday I laughed. I laughed that I had cried so much. I laughed that God told me to laugh. I laughed that God is not always easy and comfy.

I laughed when I thought about my coming days with adoption and ministry and life, there is certain to be much more hurt. But I could laugh because I can do anything for a few days... when heaven stretches out in front of me forever.


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But before you do... tell me what God is teaching you about suffering.

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