The Events of our Day

1.  In a very dramatic fight 4 year old slams door on 7 year olds finger.

2.  Finger so gross I can not look at it-

hanging finger nail, lots of blood, black and blue, you get it....

must call their father- can not deal.  

3.  4 year old locked self in room- hiding.

4.  7 year old crying so loud I want to cry.

5.  Finger under cold water- search for 4 year old.

6.  Get 4 year old to unlock door and 4 year old cracks out an apology through the frightening 7 year olds screaming.

7.  7 year old pauses the scary screams and says... "I forgive you."  highlight #1

8.  9 year old cool brother says it is the grossest thing he has ever seen.

9.  9 year old big brother removed from the presence of screaming 7 year old sister.

10.  Dad arrives and is equally grossed out... looking for tough guy thing here- but oh well.

11.  Dad quickly takes 7 year old to nearest E.R.

12.  7 year old not wearing down with the scary screaming thing yet.

13.  9 year old calls 7 year old to remind her of what they had just learned at VbS this morning... lesson was... To not be afraid, even if you have to go the hospital because God is with you.  As I am reminding her... 9 year old brother yells into phone:  "Kate, Fear Not! God is with you!"  highlight #2

14.  Pinky still on my daughter's hand and needing only stitches and drugs... highlight #3.

15.  seeing God in your kids... worth E.R. bill~  

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