The Fight for Glory


This picture is too funny and so appropriate!

This is an excerpt from my post about my interview with John Piper over at Gospel Coalition today....

I sat just outside the main venue all day interviewing others. I had a few minutes before John Piper would be sitting down with me---he was still on the platform speaking---so I snuck in the back and sat on the floor. He was nearly 4,000 people away, so I just sat and stared at the carpet. But I had walked into something.

God with us.

God was showing himself to a room full of women, and staring at the carpet felt like the right thing to do.

Piper said, "If you love the glory of man you do not love the glory of God." I started shaking, but the room was already trembling. We weren't trembling before a man, we were trembling at our souls before God. Scary thoughts raced through me as he spoke.

Do I even love God?

Why do I crave everyone's approval?

I want to fear you, God, above all else.

I want to tremble before you every day.

Piper prayed, and I looked up. He was gone and on his way to sit down with me.

I wiped tears and ran to the chair and the cameras rolled. We planned to talk about the conference and the women, but it all seemed small and trite after tasting God. International peace treaties would have felt small at this point. So instead we talked about the glory of God and the day Piper will face Jesus.

To watch the interview and read the rest of the post click here.

Where are you fighting- tell me I am not alone- all vulnerable on the Gospel Coalition website.... this following a post on Quantum Physics.  Dang it!

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