Out of Control Silly Bandz

Fyi- they are taking over the world.  They are taking over our house.  They are taking over my children's free time, friendships, and dinner conversations. I love phenomenons.  Something about a phenomenon reveals something about human nature.  Since the mass of us are swept into something... this goes deeper than marketing.  In fact I've never seen an ad for silly bands.  Are there ads for silly bands?

Something about human children were made for silly bands. Otherwise such a common item would not have all ages, both sexes, all races obsessed with few dollars of plastic.

So what is it... what in the soul of a child is inherently made for such a global takeover....I think it is a desire for power. Yes- I believe our tow-headed little toddlers want to rule us all, especially their preschool class... even the quiet ones.

Hear me out... I have been listening to the conversations over these things... this is not about the love of tinkerbell or the odd shape of Tony Romo- or how one even knows that odd shape is Tony Romo?  This is about value and status.

This is about having something in demand.  This is about currency.  Our children who long to be like us.... now have a currency and with it comes power in kinder, third and fifth grade... even in the 2 year olds at church today.

So do we fight the craze?  I am afraid somehow our strong convincing children have trumped our limits and managed to turn the few bags we have been suckered into buying into an Allen silly band empire.

How do you control such a thing?!  We are having our children tithe a few, save a few and give a few away to children who don't have any.  At least they are learning something.

But seriously.  Somehow we survived cabbage patch kids (who I personally believed was my real child) and beanie babies and still love Jesus.  I think this too will pass.

What do you think?  Why are kids so obsessed?

Jennie Allen5 Comments