The Small Big Stuff

I just spoke at a blogging conference ya’ll. I thought of anyone- You- the ones who read my blog- would see the irony in this. I may be the most infrequent blogger to ever speak at a blogging conference. So that and a very profound conversation with Melanie Shankle, otherwise known as Big Mama, (note: she is really a little person. hmmm...)  has me thinking about blogging. See it’s funny- I used to blog more.

I was a carefree blogger.

Back in the day it was called Untangling God and Ponytails... pithy right? I talked about when all my small electronics were under spiritual attack, I talked about showing up at my kids camp with my sorority t-shirt so thinking I could pull off being a counselor still- till all the counselors started saying yes ma’am, I talked about my kids getting in trouble and cake dates instead of punishment.

I think somewhere in the hoopla words started to seem so big and important... Remember when blogging was just for fun?

Remember when we had nothing to say and we wrote anyway? I miss that.

The everyday wrapped around the important- or was it the other way around? We lose a little of our humanity if all of our words get too perfect and important and edited and a little of Jesus gets lost too. He was so good at tangling eternity into people’s dirty feet and broken bread and holding children.

So yes-

we launched a conference- no- movement- no- whatever-gathery thingy. So there’s that. And behind all of that... my son Coop, was blind and now he can see. And he thinks it is a miracle and we all think he looks like a mini-NBA player but it is rather Amazing Graceish- isn’t it?

photo 2

While I am on Amazing Grace- SARAH HENRY can sing. And this was her first stab at Amazing Grace. So she can only say a few words but she can sing almost anything! Singing is bringing her back to us... how beautifully poetic of our God.

Amazing Grace from Jennie Allen on Vimeo.

I am trying to decide if I can keep wearing my boyfriend jeans even with sandal season over- does it work? I saw one person on Pinterest and made the call... then I spoke in front of style bloggers with only ONE picture on pinterest.... Ya'll it's really too late to tell me this doesn't work. I could already be on someone's "What not to wear" this am. So just tell me it's awesome or don't say anything. That's all.


Our church has a women’s study in a warehouse in downtown Austin right now on Tuesday nights- Stone is cool like that.

WC 3988

Tuesday night I left 4 kids who needed dinner and help with 6th grade math (that is already over my head). I drove from one world to another... pork tenderloin and pre-algebra to giving souls an invisible God.

And I wondered about the two worlds and which one was most real.

The doors closed Tuesday night and the lights went down. And souls felt safe and shared the deepest and most real parts of life. We prayed to our invisible God and sang to him with arms lifted high- sure in that moment he was there. And then on hands and knees we wrote pieces of our life on earth- the hardest pieces and the best pieces. And in the scribbles, mixed in with the dirt from our shoes and the wonderings if we were safe enough to be honest-

you could see God.

photo 1
WC 4087
WC 4074
WC 4100

We were made for a big important story...we were made to show the glory of God and to fight dark cosmic forces.

But that bigger story is built with millions of small ones.

So we do our best to show the glory of God and fight dark cosmic forces as we sort of help with math problems and pick up dry cleaning.

God is there in the scribbles and the dirt of sandals and boots and the new glasses and the eyes behind them that will last forever.

Where is a small place you have you seen God lately? And talk to me about the rolled jeans and ankle boot thing.

I love you all... I meet you in places like Allume  and I feel like I already know you- like we've been friends and doing life and it is all because we are. I know it is a screen and not eyeballs but we have become friends somehow on screens talking about important and stupid things- haven't we?! So do some screen life with me today and talk to me.