This is Crazy

IF:Gathering - We did it!

Over the last 30 days, more than 1,100 of you came together and the result will change two women's lives forever.

1,100 women came together to generously give over $50,000 so that 2 young women in Rwanda can build a future free from the oppression of poverty and a linage of injustice and will be equipped to lead others in their country toward the same.


The beauty is not found in the dollar amount alone. The beauty is that 1,100 women used their resources to partner and come alongside these young women to equip them for their God given purposes.

As women who are incredibly resourced- that have the Spirit of God within us- that have gifts, stories, & the ability to dream, I believe that we can take all of that and change the world.

I am so incredibly grateful and encouraged by your coming together and by your generosity, but I don’t want us to stop here.

Over the coming months and years we are going to stay connected and follow our girls’ stories- we are in now- they have quite a large support family!

In a few weeks Jen Hatmaker and I will be over in Rwanda with IJM and Noonday telling stories, and then this fall Ann Voskamp, Rebekah Lyons, Lauren Chandler and Esther Havens will host a virtual hangout to introduce these two women to you. We want you to also have opportunities to connect with the IF Rwanda girls online and maybe even some of you travel to actually meet them with my friend Natalie Green and Africa New Life.

This is just the beginning. What we did with Africa New Life is just a glimpse of what I believe that we can do together going forward. Many voices with one resounding cry said, “IF God is real... then we will love Him and love His people fiercely.”

Isn’t it crazy what we can accomplish coming together?

We want to continue to partner with projects one at a time that we can get our arms around and really make a difference.


Bolivia, through Food for the Hungry, is changed for generations because of your work. You launched a mother child program in February that has never been done before- women rising up to come alongside women and empower them to change their futures for their families. We will be giving you updates soon about the work that has begun there.

This one was so close to my heart because this is investing in my son’s home country.

Thank you.

It is too good- isn’t this fun?