This week

8 sessions over 9 days in 7 locations for Stuck study. This week has felt like the most challenging of my life. Every morning I wake up and shower and land in a chair in hair and make up (that part rocks) on various sets and then with a lot of fear and actual trembling I speak into a camera about God and our souls and hope.  I have never been so tired and spent.

But it feels like we are building something... putting God's truth in tangible forms for people to respond. I am so peaceful that I am in the center of God's will but what a ride His will is proving to be. I feel sick if I think about any moment other than the one I am in. So I just try to stick with that- this moment- today.

I just sit in each moment and give it my all, knowing I can't do this perfectly... and slightly disappointed with that reality. Praying my guts out that God would fall down on us.  I love the people in this with me. Thank you for prayers. 3 days to go and I ask for continued prayers as we try to make things that would contribute to God's fame on this little planet. Thankful.