To Vacate

vacate: meaning to cease to occupy.  I am back after several weeks of not occupying my life. While I was vacationing away from my little life, as always when I "vacate" it- I come back to it with a new perspective......

Notes to self as I reoccupy this morning:

1. I miss God- find Him again quickly.

2. My house is messy in the summer.

3. I like drumstick ice cream cones better than almost any other food.

4. Facebook makes me tired.

5. Reading a great book does not make me tired.

6. Grass does not live in Texas without a sprinkler system.....hmmmm

7. Try to love that my house is messy. (Mess= Life)

8. I like all bodies of water. Oceans, lakes, pools, baths....

9. A comfortable bed may be the best use of personal spending on the planet.

10. I am reoccupying a fantastic life!

Jennie Allen2 Comments