Total Insanity!

So I just got home from Nashville.  Overwhelmed would be putting it mildly.  I sat in front of 2 publishers over the course of three meetings.  The week before just deciding what to wear and what to take... trying to push away the terrifying reality that  these meetings would completely determine my future in writing and ministry. No pressure!! Both publishers wowed me.   Only God's hand gives favor like I saw from them.  I do not understand it apart from the calling on my life, and the hand of God.  I mean I AM NOBODY!!  I kept telling them... reminding them... I am not something special or fancy here... and they kept coming- offering moons and stars.  Only God.

So I guess I am going to be a writer.  I still have not finalized my decision on which house, as details and contracts still have to be worked out.  But against every odd in the world... they saw something... I am not sure what and that worries me a little... but if God can move mountains like these I guess He can help me put together words for all of this.

I feel a lot like Moses here... me God really?!  And all God wants is to help His people in bondage..  He could use anybody... Moses just needed to get over Himself.  Workin' on that.

Thanks for the many texts, emails, and prayers.  God showed up.  And I will never forget the last few days!

Here I am telling Zac about my day and it was a good day!  To God be the glory since, I am just not that cool.

Jennie Allen16 Comments