Trust Marker

Rest and Be Faithful JA

Yesterday on the phone with some good friends catching up about life and IF:Gathering.

Karen said, “Jennie, you are really calm! It’s kind of crazy.”

Haha! Yep.  IF:Gathering is only a few weeks away and I could not feel more peaceful. I am finally in this place where I have seen too many miracles to worry. I KNOW God is real and for us and with us. And I trust Him. This is His. We get to watch.

Our lives are a gift that we get to serve God and obey Him and love Him with these days that we have here. I think I’ve turned that it into pressure at certain points. I told myself that I needed to do something big or great, but I’m learning that this isn’t about something for God. It’s about doing something with God.

I think I look at our generation, and I see so much passion and joy and fervor to impact the world and spend our lives well. I relate to that. I feel like I’m a part of that. But I’ve messed up in thinking that He wanted something from me. God wants to do the works that He prepared in advance with me.

I’m learning to lean into the joy of a daily walk with God rather than focusing on the great works that I think He wants from me.

Here is the reason I am calm….

I finally… let go.

Trust Marker

And some days it is IF:Gathering but if I am honest most days it is letting go of my 15 year old, who needs my trust right now more than my lectures. For you it may be a job or an illness or a dream or a rebel child or a brand new pregnancy filled with fear from a previous miscarriage or a longing to be married…. We all hold too tightly to something- it’s what we do as humans.

What are you clinging onto- trying to control? Trying to force? Trying to make happen?

I am a fan of markers. Mine was in the mountains of Canada when I was not expecting it- God met me and I let go- through a mixture of tears and laughter I called it- shouting at the sky. (Because my markers usually contain some drama.)

I left the pressure there.

I left the need to prove myself there.

I left the performance there.

I told God, “I hear you. You have this! You have me. I will rest.”

To help remind you to rest, to leave the pressure, to perform, we created this simple tool to print, write down what you are trusting God with today, and post somewhere you can see it, maybe the refrigerator, your bathroom mirror, at your desk. Fill it out and share what you're trusting God with us online using the hashtag #trustmarker

Click the image below to download the PDF:

So today I want to give you the chance to let go…. to make your mark… to hand over whatever it is.

What do you need to trust God with?