Unsafe and Unafraid

I was very pregnant with my second child when CNN correspondents wondered aloud if it might be wise for people to invest in gas masks to protect in the case of bio-terrorism. The masks would really only be helpful if you were wearing them the exact moment the attack happened... so everyone passed on the purchase. It was October 2001 and 9/11 had just changed the world and we all wondered if it would ever be the same again.

My 2 year old son was asleep as I ran my hand up and down my stomach holding my unborn child, nuclear war didn't feel impossible and for a minute I wondered if it was even wise to have children. Terrorists had brought terror. Our generation hadn't known real fear until that day. We had imagined real fear as we read about genocides and Hiroshima and Civil war and watched the famines of Ethiopia. But we had never feared for our lives as a nation.

Would we ever feel safe again?

We did. We probably felt safe within a few months... but it wasn't because we were more safe, it was just too cumbersome to live so afraid and so we all stopped.

At the end of the day we just aren't safe. You can live in a gated community, with a fence and an alarm but if you don't have the gas mask on at the right moment.....Safe is always an illusion.

But just because we aren't safe- doesn't mean we have to fear.

The Lord is with me; I will not be afraid. What can mere men do to me? Psalm 118

If you don't fear death- life gets a lot more fun.

My friend Julie, may die at any time. Her heart has stopped 3 times already and it may again at any point. She is my age with 2 young boys, we were together this weekend and she teaches me to not fear death. She is not afraid to die.

People who have died get to tell us to be afraid or not...

And this is Julie and I doing a lousy job of taking a selfie... where are we looking?

All of our prayers are with the people of Boston. We hurt with you.

Are you afraid today? And share the things you are telling your children or each other.

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