I live movies- I become the main character and for days afterward I feel like I have just been through whatever they went through.  Band of Brothers about did me in!  And never ever ask me to go with you to a scary movie.  I would need counseling after being murdered or kidnapped or something.  

Last night I saw a Disney cartoon.....


and this is new, but this morning, I find myself recovering from an animated adventure.  And not only that- it was one of the most random movies- I mean I don't know who thought of this movie- balloons and flying houses and lots of dogs with talking collars- I mean silly really.  Yet, I can't forget about it.  

And here's what it is:

Life is so short......... so LIVE!  And give your life away.  Invest in others' lives.  Care.

I doubt the UP creators are believers but the message is the same though our motivation is very different.  I am not quite sure what their motivation is.... The message to "matter" is written on the heart of every human and God and His mission are where we find that purpose fulfilled.  Otherwise we just do it to be remembered as a good person?  But as followers of Christ we get to become a part of something- something ETERNAL- something God-inspired.... GOD, as in created the universe- GOD.  

That matters.  

See the movie- and live a little- get after it because a few memories from now we will be old and cranky and a few memories from that gone and done with our mission.  So this week I mean it- I don't really want to be numb. Numb stinks!  Be un-numb!