Waking Up Again

Everyone has them... moments you wake up. Haiti Sophomore year of high school  is mine:


Like so many of us... I thought they needed something, I thought I would be “helping”.

And all they did was show me that having nothing and Jesus is having everything as we stood for hours singing and then praying and crying.

At 16 years old in Haiti everything made sense.  Everything that can’t make sense until you go somewhere like Haiti.  Praying in a circle for over an hour with the most giddy people… I did not understand the language but I knew what they were saying. They were saying, “Thank you” to Jesus over and over and over again, barefoot, and thin and thankful and singing and dancing and so thankful they could not stop.

Tomorrow morning I will go back to a different deconstructed landscape but I know the same beautiful people. It seems the more people suffer the more beautiful they become.

Crazy honored to join this awesome organization: Help One Now and these dear new and old friends! We will be blogging all week- come with us!

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