What IF We Lived Like Jesus?

It is hard to pick moments or photos to fully capture what happened last weekend at IF:Gathering. Nearly impossible to put words around how thick the Holy Spirit was present, or how beautiful the sound of thousands of voices lifting up the name of Jesus. You could hear it across the world. Yes we gathered in Austin, but the real stuff happened in your churches and living rooms. That's where God moved.

Because of you- the live stream was viewed over 250,000 times representing an estimated one million people hearing about Jesus over and over and over. It may have been the first time they saw that they were 'fiercely loved by God' (Margaret Feinberg).


This wasn't about getting our annual dose of inspiration. This was an equipping of the body to go live like Jesus, to walk where He walks, love who He loves, and get serious about the call of the Gospel on our lives as believers.

And that includes GOOD and necessary conversations about things that divide us. Things like race, stage of life, and denominations. We all got a chance to try our hand at building bridges. Your IF:Locals gathered HUNDREDS of churches across your communities together in one room and said "enough" to these things that splinter the body of Christ. And I can't help but think this delighted God's heart.


What if we stepped outside of these religious boxes we've created and quit doing things FOR GOD and start doing things WITH GOD? We'd see God use our generation to do crazy, wild things like end slavery.

"The nations, their eternity depends on the Good News of the Gospel." ~David Platt


So this is where the real work begins. We stay close to God and repent. We dig deep into His Word like our lives depend on it, and believe.

"Let the Bible be your primary source of spiritual nourishment." ~Vivian Mabuni

But we can't do it alone. It's impossible. God designed us to function and stay close to His Church. Get plugged in, grab hands, ask questions, bring your gifts to the table and set aside fear. God has only just begun.


Some next steps, things to research, and pray about:

-Start a Be the Bridge group in your community and start important racial unity conversations. -Become a Freedom Partner with International Justice Mission and end slavery worldwide. -Join IF:Gathering in a few weeks as we study the foundations of our faith through the Nicene Creed, in our first study on the IF APP! (Coming soon in a few weeks...) -Invite your neighbors over for an  IF:Table and begin to engage people in real Gospel conversations. -Visit Rwanda with African New Life. -Gather a handful of women (try to seek out women in different seasons as you) and use these conversation cards over dinner. -Pray for the over 3 billion unreached people in the World.

These are just a few ideas where there are countless more. What did you write on your domino? What is your next step? Share in the comments below and let's go give away God.