What We Believe About God-Free Prints

Several of you have asked for the verses I read at the end of my talk at IF:Gathering. Our friend Hannah made them beautiful. I am a reading a great book by Drew Dyck called, Yawning at Tigers. He compares God to plutonium- one glimpse of Him would melt us, but we yawn as people start talking to Him or about Him. He is so HUGE and so GOOD. Oh, with only a glimpse of Him- we change.

No more yawning!

As I create and write NUMB- I pray that our hearts wouldn't sleep as we read these words, but that we could drink them in as the greatest of all truths- God is real and moving and for us and with us.

Thankful for you all.


We will send you the download for free of 8.5x11 prints and/or a computer wallpaper in several colors, by putting in your email below. Thank you Hannah at Three Eleven Designs for lettering these fun prints!

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Which of these truths stirs you right now, personally? Why?