When all hell breaks loose....

I really cannot wait to tell you some of what has been going on around me in the last few weeks. But in the meantime as words try to form about prisons and gatherings of diverse women and wrapping up Restless and launching IF..... I wanted to share this message from Chase because bottom line-

I know a lot of you are suffering.

A lot of you are are worried about rebellious children or terrifying diagnosis's or paying bills that may break you or dreams that haven't quite worked out. What are you most afraid of losing? That fear often begins to define our lives. King David loved God so deeply and yet at the end of his life, it all fell apart and he never quit God. I want to be this way but it is difficult- yes?

What can we pray for you about? It would mean the world to me if you would share and we could do a little life here together.

What are you afraid of?

What sin are you fighting?

What struggle are you facing?

ChaseJennie Allen31 Comments