When God quits Impressing you

Photo by Jessica Taylor

Monday nights you can find me with new Christians.  Some of them had ideas about God when they were younger- but for the most part they did not want much to do with that god.

Then they met the God and they can not get enough.

Cassie and I did not stop talking for an hour and a half last night, marking up the biggest white board with the story of God and what He did and what He will do and what He is doing.

I kept getting chills all night- yet I was burning up!  It was like God was in the room as they would ask questions like:  So the Bible is not in chronological order?  And what is the difference in Corinthians and Psalms?  Where did God come from?

And they could not write down the answers fast enough.

They were starving  for more and more understanding of this new God.  This God that blew their previous categories, categories like thinking they had to measure up for Him.

He was beautiful last night.

And Christ said: "I tell you the truth, unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven."  Matt. 18:3

This verse was lived out in front of me last night.  And something worries me about the rest of us.  We may think that we have it.  We've heard it.  We spend more time scrutinizing truth rather than living it.  We get numb and bored.  We forget that it is all real.  It is all real.

I want to get chill bumps at the thought of Him.  I want to never quit marveling.  I want to love recklessly, like I have been loved.  I want to be blown away- like a child at Christmas, or a brute of street boys in Africa rescued by Him- who can't help but lift their hands to praise Him, or like a room full of twenty somethings hearing it all for the first time.

I want to never get over Him.