Where Life Lives

Zac and I are at a new kind of empty place. I can't call it sad or overwhelmed. It isn't overly emotional- it just contains very little passion, only vague small memories of what we used to be passionate about.

I asssume many of you are empty too. God seems to cycle us through to empty often- so we rest and come back to simple things.

We are pursuing:

  • Real live people- face to face conversations including but not limited to laughter and intensely good food and depth with safe sweet friends- new and old.

  • Honesty- we both tell people we are empty when they ask how we are. I don't think it is complaining- it is letting things be hard when they hard, and happy when they are happy. There is some kind of release and simplicity to answering, "How are you?" with "Not so good" and then sitting in awkward silence while the person tries to figure out what to do with that response to their meaningless question. At least I am amused.

  • Health- we are trying to rest, exercise, eat well. During demanding times we have neglected all of this, in lieu of survival.

  • Unplugging- Stuck is launching right as I am feeling called to uplug. In turn I have friends, other authors and awesome women blogging for me, someone else handling other social media needs for the launch. If you want to give a shout out about Stuck- that'd be awesome but I am hiding. Internet sucks life from me.

  • My bible and journal- Writing has put me alone with Jesus in new ways- deep ways. I've been in his word and reading and growing like a weed. But I want to just sit alone with him with no agenda- no one's life to be changed, no words looking to matter, just me and Him again and my worn bible and half-filled journal.

  • Each other- Some how through all the chaos of the last few months our family is closer than ever. I think we all feel like we have tasted God together and given our lives away together. Our kids get mission- not because we have been having family devotions about it- because daily we are living it. But I think now it's time for just fun together. Last night we made popcorn and the girls and I got in PJ's and watched Miss Potter together. Toe nails are painted with flowers and little feathers are tucked in their hair (quite the trend in case you have missed it.) We are all recovering with shallow simple fun.

  • Pinterest- I've missed the craze- I need a pinned list of shallow new shiny things that distract me from heavy things. :) It may be my only internet sneak.

We are refueling after an intense season of life. I pray you are refueling or giving your life away. I just want to live in one or the other- rest is not complacency or numbness. It is an intentional season to prepare for more.

What that will be- who knows? But we want to be ready for new seasons of reckless obedience. :)

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