Where we Made our Mark


Before our first son was born, I sat with one of my friends from college who was also pregnant with her first, we talked about college and God. We talked about how passion- ate we had been, how single-mindedly sold out we were at 19. I said,

“I want to stay that way. I don’t want to get numb, and yet I feel myself caring so much more about what stroller to buy than about heaven.”

She replied, “I don’t think it will ever be like college again. We will always look back on those days as our most sold out.”

I was terrified she was right.

I knew that what was happening was common. As real life and responsibilities pressed in, I felt God being pressed out. Religion, church, and Bible study were all in place—but truly surrendered lives, the kind God could use anywhere and in any way he chose, had quickly turned into planned and calculated lives.

But was that the way God planned for lives to be lived—people selling out to him in college or at some point later, only to fondly look back on the glory days while they get on with their expected and ordinary lives?

I wrote these words years ago... wondering about what it would look like if we just didn’t settle. And then months ago, I sat in the “special” grown up seats at Passion. I watched as 60,000 college students combined their voices, their worship, their resources to display God and fight for the freedom of people.


I sat watching... wanting in. Wanting to be a part. I was certain I had enough years left here to be in on something... something where we made a mark. Not for our name but for His. And what I know is that I look side to side at the brave passionate women in my life and that I have met all over this country and in every other country I have been blessed to visit and I see us all serving and loving and longing to be a part of something in our time...

A part of something where we displayed God and fought for the freedom and welfare of others.

We have built the start of something.... several of us have prayed and wept and dreamed and hoped for the very best of things.


 We don’t know what’s ahead but...

Come. And let’s see what God could do with a small little band of women who say ...

“We’re in.”

Because I have these little eyes watching to see how we will spend our lives, as they decide how they want to spend theirs.


And I want them to be brave and to display God and to fight for the good of others. So we'd best go ahead and get after that.

It's finally time!

1) We're offering 2 ways for you to join us.

IF : Local

We don’t want to limit this gathering to a venue in Austin. We are throwing open the doors, and inviting you to join us via webcast. Gather with your friends, neighbors or others in your community and join us virtually. You will have the opportunity to register October 15th. Then in the next several weeks and months, we will send you ideas and resources for our time together.

IF : Austin

Austin Music Hall, February 7th-8th

For the Austin gathering, we are eliminating the set ticket price, and asking you to partner with us, by giving what you can to the vision of IF. We ask that you join us in praying for God to provide the funds for us to turn the lights on!

2) Registration for IF:Austin and IF:Local is happening now.

Update: We sold out IF:Austin faster than we could have ever dreamed. If you are one of the many who feels disappointed by this- register for IF:Local and rally your people! It is going to be awesome.

3) This vision will not happen if we do not have financial partners.

If you believe in this vision, then we ask that you pray about giving to support IF : Gathering. And rally your friends, your mamas, your grandmothers. CLICK HERE!

Are you in?!

Tell me. Share it. Shout it. IT IS TIME! Let's go.