Within 30,000 faces


I am alone today- out by a lake with my bible and my Crowder playlist... preparing for something my mind cannot even grasp. Over the next 5 weeks I will speak to over 30,000 women about Jesus at several Women of Faith conferences.  It's possible to be a little nervous about something like that... right?

This wasn’t something I made happen and I know I don’t deserve the chance to do this. So it appears God has given me this assignment. It's my newest "anything." My love affair with approval wants to beat me up right now.... since it is impossible to win the approval of 30,000.

But I am getting kind-of stupid bold and God is getting me over myself because....

In the 30,000 faces are women who are numb and can’t remember that God is really real- that heaven and forever are not pretend and they need their head lifted... they need to remember.

In the 30,000 faces is someone who has screwed up so badly they have no more hope. They are sure that God is their enemy and that He could never feel safe.

In the 30,000 faces are some who never have heard that there is a God who has chased them down with blood and death and tears.... all so that they could come back to Him.

But every one of the 30,000 faces needs God. All of us need God.

So would you pray? Pray for us.

Thank you dear friends.

And it doesn't hurt that I will get to join the most amazing group of teachers... Angie Smith, Christine Caine, Lisa Harper, Sheila Walsh, Pat Smith, our resident boy: Ken Davis, and others depending on the week! Thankful I am not alone!

What's your newest "anything"?

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