Your Story Is Not Small or Insignificant

Anything-A Holy Experience

A lot of you are in the middle of this study. Last I heard 16,000 of you! Crazy!

And I have heard from many of you- the stories, the fears, the breakthroughs are glorious.

One of the things I have heard is that you worry that your Anything isn't big or significant.

UGH! We get God so backwards sometimes. And it is also so easy to let our eyes shift side to side. Been there. Done that.

While my anything was moving into more public overtly ministry worlds- my husband has actually done just the opposite. He moved from ministry to the workplace and I wanted you to hear his thoughts on how we over-spiritualize certain callings sometimes.

Don't let this pressure fall on you as you start to pray this prayer to make your storyline look like the next person's. Yes, adoption. Yes, overseas missions. Yes, bible studies. But what about your newborn baby? Your plans after graduation? Your elderly parent? What about your loneliness or anxiety? Nothing about your story is small or insignificant.

Each of your small steps of obedience of faith are building eternal stories that you may never see this side of heaven.

We are in week 5 of our study and I address this and Zac joins me a few mins in. It's not too late to join us this summer  here. 

God is powerful, yet intimate and in the details. Your prayers are precious to Him, and it only takes a fleck of faith for Him to move mountains in and through your life. The real work of ministry happens right where your feet stand, right this minute.

What is this Anything story we've been talking about for the past couple weeks? You can read more on my dear friend Ann Voskamp's blog today.

Do you feel this way? How are you processing this prayer?