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We are pregnant!  And we are completely and utterly thrilled!  Like we are pregnant for the first time!  Wednesday we mailed our dossier to D.C. and then it heads straight to Rwanda (yes Rwanda- Haiti is shut down as you know) in a few days!

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I miss people.  This is to all of you out there that I actually know and adore.  I am still alive.  I am drowning in writing for the study starting in a few days (which I am so excited about!) and filling out mountains of paperwork for Pablo.

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The first  half-pipe was discovered by a handful of kids that would trek out to an old water site outside of San Deigo- they would skate these old big pipes and the slopes of the pipes would help them to gather speed and as they would gain confidence they would try things- crazy things like flips, board slides, and 360's.

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