For the Mom Who Doesn’t Feel Good Enough

May 5, 2016


I am convinced that just about every mom thinks she’s ruining this whole parenting thing.

My daughter is on an overnight field trip (you know, the kind where even the bus ride is an adventure?). We planned and packed, and at 10pm, hours before she left, she came in my bedroom, crying and panicking because “I” forgot to pick up her special Keep Reading...

Paralyzed in the Name of Humility

April 29, 2015


Over the years, I’ve received countless emails in my inbox from you.  I am overwhelmed by the number of women that have clear dreams but are afraid to pursue them.  My husband Zac made an interesting comment when I was discussing this with him.  He casually said, ” Men don’t know what their dreams are and women know, they are just Keep Reading...

Permission To Be Broken

August 7, 2014

In the three years that Cooper has been home, he has been sick all of three times. This week I was reminded of this post. I hope it encourages you and perhaps you could let down your guard and enjoy grace in some greater way this week.

Cooper is on the mend and tomorrow we celebrate his birthday. He’s seven years old! So it’s a whole week of spoiling him rotten.

10522304_583800271742606_671936286_n (1) Keep Reading...

God Loves.

July 31, 2013

There is just so much fighting going on and I know there is a lot at stake. But I go back to the gospels and to Jesus and he says…

My people…

“they are going to know you by your Love.”

And God’s love was over the top ridiculous as shown by Jesus Christ. He fought for the very worst of us.

As I drive around Austin these days it seems nearly every billboard has been taken over with one Keep Reading...


May 15, 2013

This happened two years ago today. In the adoption world- this is known as “Gotcha Day.”

Cooper Coming Home from Jennie Allen on Vimeo.



I still can hear God whisper occasionally, “…look at what you could have missed Jennie.”

I miss you guys. I am coming back with so much to tell you. So much coming. I can’t wait. But I am working on all of it right now. Keep Reading...