Coming home

May 27, 2011

I have other things to post. The unpredictable internet and insane schedule have not allowed much but I wanted to at least post once more from Africa. Tonight we will get on a plane and head for home “merica” as Cooper calls it. Merica holds many things for which Cooper holds no categories… what a beautiful year of firsts is ahead for him.

This is a post for my dear Jesus who has walked not only with us but ahead of us in every way here. Cooper was meant for us and in stepping into obedience with all of our doubts and fears… God was able to show Himself to me in ways I believed were reserved for the book of Acts. He is able to do miracles still. We just don’t often need Him to.

But these weeks we have needed many. And in rare form, although quite common to Him, He has had fun displaying His ridiculous power. He matched us with a child that fits. I was prepared for the feeling that it would take time to bond or feel like he was a part of us. As many have said, minus some beautifully dark skin- he even looks like us. And we fit to him- a child who has never known family has bonded with one and received us as his mama and papa. He has responded to loving correction and discipline and in one week feels more at ease with us and his new boundaries and place in our lives. Every time we have walked up to a person in the process of this adoption, they have gone above and beyond to give us what we need and in speedy fashion. We fell in love with a country- our son’s country and will always feel part Rwandan because he is part of us. He kept us safe and the list goes on and on… Thank you Jesus.

But then we tested Him…. on top of an already long list of needs and desires our cell phone, my passport and visa were stolen yesterday. So now not only were we asking for the adoption paperwork to move a week faster than typically needed, now we needed a new passport and visa for me to be able to leave the country tonight. I was issued a passport after paperwork in 15 minutes. It is supposed to take a week.

God was just showing off. As people observed how fast things were happening they would look at us and say, “I have never seen this go so fast… you are really lucky.” And I would say, “no- God is with us.”

I believe there is something about stepping off cliffs that allows God the opportunity to move in greater ways. When we step off and he shows up- we see Him differently than standing safely looking over the edge. This is just the beginning of needing God in this- we will go home to a new life…. with writing and new demands at home- I need God more than ever.

But I love this adventure- not just adoption but following God into risk…into His will. This life is so short and it is lived more fully jumping when and where God says, “jump.”

So where is God whispering for you to “jump”?

11 Responses to “Coming home”

  1. I’ve loved following your blog and the story of bringing sweet Cooper home. We’ve never met but are sisters in Christ, you and I, and the “jump” I’m about to make, to a new and unknown home, community, and church in a strange city, is causing me to feel some of the ways you are so beautifully expressing through your words. And I just had to read it out loud when I got there, “God is with us.” All the way. And your words are helping it sink in. Thanks for sharing your precious story and new son with me and the world!

  2. Michelle

    Hello to you from your Graham family!!!
    We cant wait to meet “Sweet Cooper”!! And welcome him into the fold!!! He is beautiful!! You are right on, he really does look like an Allen with beautiful dark skin!!! Blessings, blessings!!! Thank you Lord!!

    Love you ALL,
    (C= Courtney,(smile)

  3. elizabeth

    There was a big butterfly in the yard this morning dancing with Cooper….yea, the hippy in me loved it gotta say so!

  4. Carolyn

    “Grace be with all who love our Lord Jesus Christ with love incorruptible.” Eph 6:1 Jen, when I read this verse this morning I couldn’t help but think of you and this adventure. You have been a light to so many and are shining that “incorruptible love.” Can’t wait for you 6 to be back in Merica!

  5. Carolyn

    Hurry home to Merica Allen family of 6!

  6. You summed this up with “His ridiculous power.” I’m going to remember that phrase. Blessings and prayers as you journey home.

  7. Brooke

    my stars.. i’m in love just from a video. loved loved when he said hello mama.. he’s yours. praise god!

  8. Jennie, I am a friend of your sister Katie and starting following your blog not too long ago. I just wanted to tell you what an inspiration you and your family have been to me. God placed a desire in my heart to adopt years ago and seeing your story play out has not only been a blessing to me but a confirmation to me. I have cried with every post and am amazed by God’s love and faithfulness. Thanks for sharing your heart and amazing story with us. Cooper is one blessed little boy… but I know yall will be equally blessed by him. Looking forward to watching him grow! Take care!



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