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September 12, 2014

I’m hearing from many of you who are starting your fall Bible studies.  You have me giddy and praying! It brings me such joy to be a part of all of your ministries and obedience in your places.

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I love building tools to equip you, who are doing the real brave work of leading and pouring into people. I read Beth’s post about this last week and cried and nodded through the whole thing. Of all the things I do- building things that bring people around God’s Word is by far my greatest joy!

I have also heard many of you with questions about which study to do and which tools to buy.  Stuck, Chase and Restless  are  all formatted in the same way.  Here is the vision I have for my studies:

Bottom line,  if you don’t have a fall study yet go grab neighbors, or coworkers or friends from your dorms.  It is my dream that women will be gathered together all over the world studying God’s Word. You’ll be surprised how hungry and thankful people are for this.

Jennie, are you saying invite unbelievers to a bible study?  Yes. I am saying yes. I built these to go deep and challenge those of you who have been studying Jesus since you were an infant to live more deeply and kept the language and conversation welcoming to someone considering Jesus. The conversation of these studies levels the playing field. Because they bring out the struggles and doubts and our basic need for Jesus every day. And I hope that will cause those considering Jesus to feel safe enough to share their struggles and doubts too.

Many have asked the question what is the difference in the Restless book and the study ?  If you are doing Restless in a group, I recommend buying the study.  It’s deeper and you will be able to do more processing and working through your passions and dreams and gifts.  We really dig into the life of Joseph and all of the tools work together for a richer experience.  Here’s more:

Here are the tools. My favorite thing about what you see below…. the conversation cards I believe in them. So you just have to get the whole kit.  I never dreamed people would do any of the pieces here separately. They are built to all go together in all three studies.

Screen Shot 2014-09-12 at 11.43.02 AM

If you are a church who has many small groups and just want to buy extra deck of cards and leaders’ guides  for each of your small groups- you can now. Each piece of the kit is now sold separately on Amazon and Givington’s for every study! YAY! That is new. If you need videos to introduce your study to your friends or church- each study has a trailer here.  Click on the “learn more” link under the study you are interested in and and the trailer will be on that page.

For Stuck, Chase and Restless you will need the whole kit if you’re leading this fall.  And Givington’s is actually offering a discount on all of my material this week.  Plus they are giving part of the profits to our IF Rwanda girls who are starting college as we speak.

And…we’re doing a giveaway- Everything you need to start a study with your neighbors or friends or co-workersnew-twitter_bird-gray.

The winner will get the Restless small group kit with 7 study guides.  Comment below and tell me about what you’re planning for your fall Bible study and enter here:

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  1. My study is actually doing something a bit different this fall. We have decided to share life with each other; by that I mean we are going to pray with and for each other, our community, our church and share what God is doing in and through us in real conversation and discussion. It will look different every single time because we are all taking turns facilitating and leading the evening and I cannot wait. I am almost done working through ‘Restless’ on my own, and I think it would be awesome to gather women to study it together and discover our threads.

  2. Reading Reckless right now and it is rocking my world. Would love to share this experience and grow with other ladies searching for meaning in the Lord.

  3. Jennie,
    Thank you so much for all of the tools and resources you’ve made available to do a Bible study with the “Restless” book! I connected with just ONE mom weekly in person this spring when you were doing your online weekly video chats for Restless, and our time together changed us both! I look forward to gathering more mamas this fall and doing it again!
    Renée at NextGen Homeschool

    • Renee, you are so welcome. Love that you are connecting with moms, can’t wait to hear what God does.

  4. I know I’m a little outside your normal crowd, but I’m right in the middle of reading Restless. I can see my wife and I doing this as a study for friends, or students at the University we work for. I also coordinate small groups at our church and would be so excited to add this study to our library for leaders to choose from.

  5. I just found your blog yesterday and was hit between the eyes with how I cannot not do the ministry God has called me to! I spent most of the day in tears and in prayer asking God to make a way for me to begin serving His daughters with the lessons He has given me or other tools He wants His daughters to use in order to know Him deeper and in a sweeter way. He has been patient and faithful in my starting and stopping, but after reading about all that you are doing and what God is doing through IF, I have no choice but to be obedient and faithful.

    Thank you for being faithful. You have inspired me to pray for favor and ask for the use of a conference room in our small office and gather women one or two evenings a week and Saturdays for prayer, fellowship (I love people gathering!), worship and study. God commanded me to go deeper nine years ago and now I know it is time for me to share and encourage His daughters along their journeys.

    Your books are on my wishlist and I am seriously considering ordering them this weekend to celebrate my birthday. Whether I get your books now or simply focus on God’s Word alone, I know the time of study will be glorious!

    Thanks again for being faithful!


  6. Mary Brooks

    I have actually already purchased all three leader kits. One of my small groups did Restless last Spring and loved it. The conversation cards were a great tool to dive deep and consider how our lives intersect with God’s plans. Now that group is diving in to Stuck. I have just started an additional study and we are looking at Chase. After the group gels a bit, we will also look at Restless together.

    It is my passion to encourage and facilitate as many women as possible to seek God with their WHOLE heart. I am currently building resources to facilitate others to start their own small groups and that is why I would love an ADDITIONAL copy of Restless (or any of the materials)! Thanks!

  7. Lori East

    Just finished the Restless Study in a small group this summer! (You have a gift coming your way soon from a project we did to commemorate the study.) There is another group of ladies at my church that would like to do it in the fall.


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