IF You Are Standing In The Rubble

August 28, 2014

We all know the world is a bit of a mess but I think hope shouts loudest from rubble.new-twitter_bird-gray


I have seen a lot of hope lately. This month, we hosted a giant IF:Table in Austin and met and prayed and planned for our IF:Pray in Austin. We dreamed and bonded and prayed and hoped together. As a result hundreds of women will gather here at Fair Market in downtown Austin to pray for our city on September 23. We’re so excited.

Fair Market

As we dream about IF:Pray in a few weeks, I keep coming back to Nehemiah.  Our world is so broken.  We all feel it daily.  I spent a lot of my life looking for my place in the brokenness to start trying to rebuild.  I imagine a lot of you are searching for the same thing.

In the book of Nehemiah, God’s people are returning home after years as slaves.  They return to rubble.  The wall around their city, representing God’s protection and hope, is destroyed.  So Nehemiah calls his people to rebuild.  As they begin the process, they are immediately attacked from all sides.

They are despairing in the rubble.

Nehemiah hears that,

In Judah, the strength of those who bear the burdens is failing. There is too much rubble. By ourselves we will not be able to rebuild the wall.”” (4:10)

So Nehemiah divides them with their people (their clan) in their places on the wall.  And he says,

“Do not be afraid. Remember the Lord, who is great and awesome, and fight for your brothers, your sons, your daughters, your wives, and your homes.” (4:14)

A few weeks ago, God put a picture in my head of the whole world lit up: every city in America, every nation in the world.  At IF, that’s why we are building.

Because we see the rubble and we dream about leaders in their local churches in every city, in every nation, across the world rising up with us and saying,

“Ok, this piece of the wall, I got it.  I’m going to fight for my people.  I’m going to work to rebuild the brokenness in my place.”new-twitter_bird-gray

But before we build and fight with love for our people- we fall on our knees and beg God to move for His glory here and for His people.

At IF, we all just believe in YOU. Believe that you are in your spots you are already serving and God is already moving and we just want to come alongside of you and cheer and say.

You are not alone.

You are doing important work.

You have sisters around the world in this with you.

What do you need?

God’s Kingdom will come, His will will be done on earth as it is in Heaven. We just want as much of that happen now- as far as it concerns us. In our day. In our time.

On September 23, we’re gathering our people, falling to our knees and praying for our place, that God would use us to rebuild our  our own section of brokenness.

Go grab your people and join us! If you are going to be in Austin,  register here.  If you want to gather your people where you are,  here’s more information, tools and resources to lead your gathering.

If you want to join the live vision cast and or lead prayer in your home or city, sign up here and watch this video for more about IF:Pray.

We know all of these visions require many steps of faith for every one of you.  Inviting friends, planning gatherings, leading prayer and trusting God to move in your places is risky.  We want to support you in every way we can.

This Tuesday, September 2, we are rallying all of you that are leading to a second vision cast call.  I’m really excited to answer questions and share more vision and Lauren Chandler is going to join us from the leadership team.  And we’re going to have one other visitor.

Over a decade ago, my vision of prayer shifted radically as I read a book called Fresh Wind, Fresh Fire.  As we prepared to pray around the world, I thought there would be no better encouragement for all of us than to hear from this prayer warrior.  He’s watched the world around him change in miraculous ways because as a church Pastor Jim Cymbala led them to pray.  The Brooklyn Tabernacle continues to be a light in the darkness and a safe place for many that are hurting.  And every Tuesday night, Pastor Cymbala and his church are still on their knees praying that the walls will be rebuilt in their city.  And in many ways the walls are being restored.

Do not miss this!

Share your prayer for your part of the wall below.  Yes!  I want you to pray in the comments. Let’s do this.


17 Responses to “IF You Are Standing In The Rubble”

  1. Father, As we gather to rebuild our section of the wall, I pray for strength; I pray for focus on You; and I pray for wisdom. Let us build the wall for your glory and not for ours. Let us inspire others to come along side us and fellowship in the opportunity for community. We love You and our desire is to serve You well.

  2. Melissa Henderson

    Lord, there is so much sadness in the world. My heart aches for all who are suffering. Please help us remember You, dear God, are with us always. Please take the enemy away from us and help us to rely on you, Dear God. Thank you for all Your blessings. Remind us to worship only You.

  3. My part of the wall? My family. I pray for healing in all the broken places there. I pray against the spirits of selfishness and isolation. I pray for the Spirit of love – Real Love – to be released all over us. I’m weary under the burden of upholding our part of the wall. I lift us up to The Lord and I pray for the power and strength that I know can come when I release us fully to You.

  4. Elizabeth

    Lord, I pray for bravery, strength and courage for women everywhere as we do our part to rebuild out of the rubble. I pray that first and foremost, we would seek you and know you deeply and intimately. Let your desires fill our hearts and give us perseverance in running a race that you have specifically designed for each of us. Let us encourage one another and make your name known.

  5. Brooke Mazzariello

    God, Thank you that you have gone before us – you know what is to come. Put your vision, desires, and fire in our hearts. As your glory comes, we don’t want to miss it. Open our eyes to the dreams you have for this city. We want to build for you, step out for you, and love in your name so that your truth is unmistakable. Come move so that we can follow. We are yours.

  6. Karen Mosteller

    Abba! Father! Forgive your people for turning our faces away from you, Abba. Forgive us for worshipping other gods. For Jesus’ sake, blot out all of our sins, and make us white as snow. Create in us clean hearts, Abba, hearts filled with your perfect love. Grant us the mind of Christ, His humility, and make Your will our will. We are Your people, Abba! You have promised to never leave us or forsake us! Send forth Your Holy Spirit to turn our hearts of stone into hearts of flesh beating with fierce and faithful love for You, Abba, and for one another. Make us one in Spirit with You and with Jesus, Abba, and cause Your Kingdom to come on the earth in us, in Your people, Abba. May our faces shine with Your radiance, Abba, and may Your rivers of living water words flow from our hearts and our mouths. Make our life songs ring out throughout the heavens in glory, honor, and praise to You, Abba, and to Jesus, our Lord and our King eternal. It’s in Jesus’ precious name we pray, Abba. Hear us for His sake, Abba. Amen and Amen.

  7. Samantha

    Jesus, I pray as your daughters we would see the hope around us. That we would stand in the gap and take our place on the wall. Lord, would you give us the courage to gather our people, my people in Houston to come to our knees and seek your face. Help us to be brave to rebuild the brokenness we see in our city. May we recognize your face, with a desire to press in to you, and be a light in the dark.

  8. Lord Jesus,
    This whole entire thing seems so impossible. It seems ludicrous that what we are trying to build will ever make a difference…because the ruins are so high everywhere. And for the few of us who have started to pick up bricks and find where they fit together…well. The broken wall seems so much bigger than the small amount of rebuilding I can do. But Jesus…then I think about your church. You have equipped us to do mighty things. In your name we can accomplish so much. If we all started building…If we could believe that what you say is true, that the power that raised Jesus from the dead is the power fueling our labors…this church in this generation could make such a dent in the rubble. We want to build for you Jesus. We want to glorify your name above all things. And we want to be builders that aren’t overwhelmed by the work ahead…but that have a vision of Your Kingdom and Your Glory always before our eyes. Bless September 23, Lord. Raise up brave women who will lay every fear, every weight aside and run toward what you are asking of them. Begin a movement in the hearts of the people in our city. Establish the work of our hands Lord. And may your glory and your presence go before us. Show us your Glory, Lord. Rise up and may your Presence known in our midst on September 23 all over the world. Amen.

  9. Lindsey

    Father, I pray for my places and my people in Colorado. I pray that your Holy Spirit would come in a fresh and new way for them. That you would bring truth and wisdom to those doing work and ministry there. I pray for a depth and honesty that will take fire in what they do on a daily bases. Father, let your presence be thick.

  10. sheila payne

    Bulls eye Jennie. I need this. I am so discouraged by our country’s leaders, lost freedoms, lost common sense–which apparently is not very common. Our churches are weak and becoming afraid to speak anything that could cost them their tax exemption. There is no depth to the teachings of the Word. Please keep encouraging us with what to do now. It is very unfamiliar territory for Americans.


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