My passion is to inspire a new generation of women to encounter the invisible God.

I have an awkward way with small talk- so I don’t.

Instead I love to gather deep kindred souls around food I didn’t cook, and I ask terribly intrusive questions. I wish that is how we were meeting.

My name is Jennie. Look at all my cute people up there. That is most of my life sitting up there in that picture.

They are a whole big herd of strong personalities. I am a catalytic leader, risk taker type and then in God’s humor, I married a crazier more risky leader than me (Zac). Then somehow God thought it would be even more funny to give us 4 crazy strong risky dreamer kids. Even the one who grew in my heart instead of my tummy came hard wired to rule the world.

I love them… but I also love and believe in this generation of women. I am giving my life to see us spend our time here beautifully. I do that through writing, teaching, and leading the little dream in my soul, IF:Gathering.

I share this dream with some amazing friends… to gather and equip and unleash a generation of women. I expect it will take awhile, and I expect we won’t quite get to every person on earth in our generation. But I think it is a fun way to spend a life, running beside the dearest of friends for the name of Christ and the good of others.

Welcome to the spot I wrestle and dream…. I expect we will become good friends here even without the amazing food and eye-contact. That is my hope.

Some of you came looking for the fancy bio. I personally wouldn’t like me if I read this one but if you want that click here. I’d love to connect with you on Facebook and Twitter.