Summer Favorite Things

July 11, 2014

You, dear friends, were awfully supportive of my happy post last week and not surprisingly a lot of you relate to missing the fun and happiness in it all. So in light of my bliss kick, I thought I’d share some of my very non-spiritual (although that is up for debate) fun happy summer things.

Shark Tank


We are a whole stinkin’ family of entrepreneurs! Every kid has their talent or passion and wants to start a company with it. We could use a melancholy among us- gosh darn it. Save it to the DVR or find it on Netflix- and sit around and hoop and holler for the great ones and boo the terrible ideas and place bets on their futures- at least this is what we do- all the while all our kids are learning about business and risk taking and creating and following their passions.

 Ben Rector


Zac and I drive and listen to the words and laugh out loud at his honesty. We heard him live recently and we were hooked. Possibly one of the most down to earth guys you will ever meet and all of it comes through in his profoundly whimsical songwriting. His lyrics are about how he can’t believe his little love songs make money (how silly that is to him) and how the men who drive him around are better human beings than he is, but nobody is paying to come cheer for them…. It’s like listening to someone’s stream of consciousness but his thought stream will move you to love people and the world better.

Check out Ben’s latest album here.

 Darling Magazine


So it takes a beautiful person to build a beautiful dream like this one. If you are a woman, you need this magazine. It is deep and sincere and some of the most inspiring photography I have ever seen in a magazine. Sarah Dubbledam (a new friend) had a dream to build an honest magazine that talks about real issues with no ads and no retouched photos and imperfect honest stories. And on top of that it  just looks so darling on a coffee table.

Order Darling here.

Blood Orange San Pellegrino


Just splurge and get it. Think of the number of Sonic happy hour trips this could save you this summer.  Oh how I wish I could just get a crushed ice machine. I think I could fair well on Shark Tank with a cheap Sonic crushed ice machine.

My Free People Phone Case


Free People iPhone Cover. This is my iPhone cover right now. I know… I know my phone is destined to crack any minute but this just makes me happy. I did the whole otter box thing- I played it safe and boring and gray and for just a minute I want to live on the edge and have a cute iPhone cover. Stay tuned for pictures of my cracked iPhone.

Check ’em out here.

Sony QX10 Lens


Watch this

This little lens could be the future of photography. People over at Sony are so sassy and smart. I just think it is a brave clever little creation. My sisters and I actually bought it for my Dad’s birthday. Throw it in your purse and it syncs with your phone and you can zoom and get the benefits of an expensive lens. It stores the photos to your phone so you can share on Instagram or Facebook right away. The only negative I’ve found is that the battery dies rather quickly- so just get a back up battery.

Explore this awesome contraption here.


photo 1

Here is what I am reading right now:

Bossy Pants by Tina Fey because Hatmaker keeps talking about it and Tina Fey is- ok feels like- my best friend. If you need a light summer read. Buy a copy here.

Screwtape Letters by C.S. Lewis because I need to remember what we are up against. There has been some crazy attack lately and in the past, these words have helped me make sense of some of that. If you have never read it- it is a classic- get it. Buy a copy here.

Essentialism by Greg McKeown because I am trying to narrow down all my crazy to only the most essential- the things that I must do. Buy a copy here.

Love Does by Bob Goff (not pictured) because after you meet the man you go back and want to reread every word. Bob’s life is one of the most compelling examples of joy and love in Christ I have ever seen. Buy a copy here. 

And happy of all happies! Tomorrow I leave for Rwanda. Will be posting here as well as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Follow our journey this coming week.

To share a few favorite things, here’s a giveaway with a prize pack that includes a subscription to Darling Magazine, a pair of Noonday earrings, a Restless small group kit, and an IF:Gathering digital download card!  Comment below with your favorite things this summer and enter here:

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180 Responses to “Summer Favorite Things”

  1. Well…. Homemade lemonade with my 3 boys, summer music events with the band, patio lights on lazy summer evenings with great friends, and finally finishing Restless… Loved that book, took a long time to read because I had to process often! Thanks so much Jennie! A friend and myself are wanting to do a small group study with a few gals this fall. Have a wonderful trip!

  2. Martha Vance

    Favorite things this summer:

    Super cute new wedges that are challenging me to not wear flats/sandals every day (

    The local CSA Program… tomatoes, watermelon, corn, basil, lettuce, eggplant… so good!

    Weather in S. Indiana actually being cool enough to enjoy the outdoors. I love being able to spend huge chunks of time outside without my face running down my shirt!

  3. Elizabeth

    All good things, all good things! And Ben Rector is our favorite. He’s from Tulsa so we get to see him live fairly often. If you love him, you’ll also love Mat Kearney. Need to Breathe’s new album is also amazing.For a treat: homemade popsicles!

  4. Erin Tyler

    The latest Janet Evanovich book I the Stephanie Plum series. Cherry Limeades. Flip flops with a new pedi.

  5. My favorite summer things:
    Iced green tea
    Library books
    Late nights
    Little girl giggles
    Lazy mornings

  6. Sun…and all that it involves! The pool, beach, waterpark. The outdoors is my happy place and I love soaking it all in during the summer months!

  7. My Favorite Things this Summer:

    Stumbling into Grace – Lisa Harper
    Boundaries – Dr. Henry Cloud & Dr. John Townsend

    Hazelnut Iced Americanos 🙂

    My new fave Reef flip flops

    Sitting in a camping chair with my feetsies in the kiddie pool, watching my little chitlins <3

    Home. I worked outside the home for quite awhile, and this summer, I am thoroughly enjoying being home. Not going anywhere, not spending, just soaking in my moments with my kids. I love home.

    And when I can, I love to steal me some HGTV time! Can't wait for Jen Hatmakers new show! 🙂

  8. Hey there! I like all those things too. 🙂 My summer favorites are grilled veggies, summer dresses, iced unsweet blackberry tea, and early sunrises. Look forward to your next post and prayers for Rwanda!

  9. Danielle D.

    Favorite summer things include binge-watching Royal Pains and Downton Abbey, making homemade sweet potato fries over and over and over again, new-to-me classes at my local Cardio Barre studio, and snuggles with my kitty. It’s the simple things!


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