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February 10, 2016



It is hard to pick moments or photos to fully capture what happened last weekend at IF:Gathering. Nearly impossible to put words around how thick the Holy Spirit was present, or how beautiful the sound of thousands of voices lifting up the name of Jesus. You could hear it across the world. Yes we gathered in Austin, but the real stuff happened in your churches and living rooms. That’s where God moved.

Because of you- the live stream was viewed over 250,000 times representing an estimated one million people hearing about Jesus over and over and over. It may have been the first time they saw that they were ‘fiercely loved by God(Margaret Feinberg).


This wasn’t about getting our annual dose of inspiration. This was an equipping of the body to go live like Jesus, to walk where He walks, love who He loves, and get serious about the call of the Gospel on our lives as believers.

“May we love recklessly like Jesus and watch joy overflow.” ~Jen Hatmaker

And that includes GOOD and necessary conversations about things that divide us. Things like race, stage of life, and denominations. We all got a chance to try our hand at building bridges. Your IF:Locals gathered HUNDREDS of churches across your communities together in one room and said “enough” to these things that splinter the body of Christ. And I can’t help but think this delighted God’s heart.


What if we stepped outside of these religious boxes we’ve created and quit doing things FOR GOD and start doing things WITH GOD? We’d see God use our generation to do crazy, wild things like end slavery.

“The nations, their eternity depends on the Good News of the Gospel.” ~David Platt


So this is where the real work begins. We stay close to God and repent. We dig deep into His Word like our lives depend on it, and believe.

“Let the Bible be your primary source of spiritual nourishment.” ~Vivian Mabuni

But we can’t do it alone. It’s impossible. God designed us to function and stay close to His Church. Get plugged in, grab hands, ask questions, bring your gifts to the table and set aside fear. God has only just begun.


Some next steps, things to research, and pray about:

-Start a Be the Bridge group in your community and start important racial unity conversations.
-Become a Freedom Partner with International Justice Mission and end slavery worldwide.
-Join IF:Gathering in a few weeks as we study the foundations of our faith through the Nicene Creed, in our first study on the IF APP! (Coming soon in a few weeks…)
-Invite your neighbors over for an  IF:Table and begin to engage people in real Gospel conversations.
-Visit Rwanda with African New Life.
-Gather a handful of women (try to seek out women in different seasons as you) and use these conversation cards over dinner.
-Pray for the over 3 billion unreached people in the World.

These are just a few ideas where there are countless more. What did you write on your domino? What is your next step? Share in the comments below and let’s go give away God.

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19 Responses to “What IF We Lived Like Jesus? Free Download”

  1. Sandra Kay Omar Judkins

    I wrote “SPEAK”, I hold back especially if conflict or controversy. I know I desire & am anointed to do much for the Kingdom of God, missionary/evangelist, talents to write too. So much lies & stolen ways in my life, held captive & in bondage to freely live for Christ. This past year & half, have been through Christian counseling, pulling out all the lies & replacing with God’s truth, established in firm foundation of Christ. The Words given to me in the Gideon’s New Testament when I was 7 years old in my Muslim family, before I ever knew anything of Christ as Savior at the age of 11 in 1974. I know I will speak, share testimonies, evangelize & bring the lost & broken to healing/salvation.
    Lord showed me I was of Royalty in His Kingdom, he will establish me. Romans 16:8 for royalty & Romans 16:25 established according to Lord God.
    “Now to him who is able to establish you in accordance with my gospel, the message I proclaim about Jesus Christ, in keeping with the revelation of the mystery hidden for long ages past, but now revealed and made known through the prophetic writings by the command of the eternal God, so that all the Gentiles might come to the obedience that comes from faith— to the only wise God be glory forever through Jesus Christ! Amen.”
    ‭‭Romans‬ ‭16:25-27‬ ‭NIV‬‬

  2. I wrote the name of the most beautiful little boy. And I’ve been thinking and praying for a year and a half of him being my son. But I’m only 24, single, and people think it’s insane.

    But as you talked about what to write on the domino his name rang in my head, over and over. And I prayed for God to take it if it wasn’t from Him, for Him to give me ANYTHING else to write – but there was nothing. It had to be him.

    So I wrote it, I’m pursuing it, and I’m trusting God to make it all fall into place, and to be there to catch me when I fall into this.

  3. I wrote “Trust” on my domino. Trust God that He is good, that He knows what I need, He knows what I want and just to Trust Him fully where I am right now in this season that I am in. Trust.

  4. “Once and for all”
    I have been a believer for a long while now but I have wrestled with God in various seasons of life. This is quite vulnerable but I want to walk in obedience more than anything else… I struggle with laying my whole self down. All of me. In times of great struggle or attack I find myself clinging to my husband and other sources of comforts. I struggle with anxiety and at times panic attacks that leave me empty and feeling wounded. I feel a tender call to lay down all of my defense mechanisms, self perceived safety, pride, comforts, etc in light of His glory and Grace…once and for all. Knowing that trying seasons will come and I will have to die daily to my flesh but that He has already won the battle over me and I am redeemed. I am not too much….He wants all of this hottttt mess. Thanks for providing a safe place to share. Be blessed, ladies ❤️

  5. I wrote “LOVE PEOPLE FULLY.”

    My husband lost his mom as a teenager and one thing she instilled in him above all else was to “love people well.” I’ve been wrestling with that in my own as a college campus missionary. Balancing college ministry, personal ministry, and just loving on my husband, my sister, and those friends I’ve been blessed to have to walk along side me in my messiness. I was encouraged and challenged to love people like Jesus…recklessly, generously, and full. I was challenged to put aside my selfishness with my time and resources and fully give myself to love other like Jesus has done for each of us.

    • I like this. This builds off of what I wrote and is a great picture of how we need to love. Thank you for sharing.

  6. I wrote “BOLIVIA” on my domino…because although I’ve lived here for the past 4 years, I’ve (embarrassingly) been counting the days until we leave. And in spite of crying out for years to God for a greater love for the people of Bolivia (hoping that might improve my stinky attitude), I realized God is calling me to love HIM first and the rest will be added. I decided to surrender MY plans and to see how long God keeps us here. It’s OK if it is one year or thirty years. I just want to invest in the people around me (especially my family) wherever I am – loving people well and loving God well, for His glory.

  7. i wrote…Just share, take every opportunity.

    i am the only believer in my immediate family (husband, kids) and i am always so afraid that i will not have the answers to the push back or that i will come across as a nut and push them farther away from wanting to know Jesus. The enemy no longer gets to have control of that!

  8. By God’s grace, and in His strength, I’ll seek to bring His kingdom to oppressed women and girls in India:

    – To speak out for them,

    – To tell others of the oppression they are suffering, and

    – To stand with the Church, here and in India, to bring hope, opportunity and the fierce love of God to our sisters in India.

    In one of the most unreached areas of the world, God is moving on behalf of his beloved daughters. Each day, I will seek to trust Him for the grace, courage and strength to use the voice and life He’s given me to help them in Christ’s name.

  9. Connect others.
    That’s what I put on my domino.
    For so long I’ve been trying to connect myself with a group or with certain people, but looking at the trends in my life and where God has placed me so many times- I’m not the one that needs to connect. I’m to be the connector.

    God showed me pretty clearly last weekend that I’m don’t need to feel like I’m fitting in, because when I dwell on that, the focus stays on why I’m not “enough” to really “fit” in. Then the comparing and the competing start to brew. To take my eyes off what God’s really calling me to is exactly what the enemy wants. But I am enough and when I allow God to use me, I don’t need to feel like I fit in to one group, one mold- I’m called to show others they are enough and they belong- to Him. I feel like a social nomad a little bit. Being reminded and having clarity about this mission though gives me the confidence to keep running the race! I was reminded (though I felt like “who am I to speak boldly or teach anyone anything!?”) that He qualifies the called.

    I was in the process of it before IF, but this week I pulled the trigger on inviting 100 friends/acquaintances/sisters from many walks of life over to my house to color together. And coffee/wine/snacks:) People who have been struggling, people who are solid believers, and everything in between. I had almost 30 replies of yes/maybe within 3 days. Mind you, my house is TINY, but I am SO excited to CONNECT others to each other and to Jesus. 🙂 🙂 🙂

    • Thank you so much Allison! I feel like you are my soul sister because this is exactly what I have been feeling and have been greatly encouraged by IF. I keep telling my husband I don’t fit into a social mold, my kids are too old for this group, I’m too old for that group, etc etc etc!
      I firmly believe I need to stop worrying about social norms and continue praying over how I am to be used by God. How our home is to be used by God. It’s very exciting! Just think of how much we can all love on one another and positively impact another’s view of God when we come together across generations and cultures and break bread together.
      Your house might be tiny, but your home in Christ is abundant. He will make room! I’ll be praying for you and all those you open your home to
      – break that bread!

    • God bless you Allison! Enjoy this new adventure! I love what Jen Hatmaker said ” may we love recklessly like Jesus and watch the joy overflow”


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