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March 2, 2015

Several of you have asked for the verses I read at the end of my talk at IF:Gathering. Our friend Hannah made them beautiful.

I am a reading a great book by Drew Dyck called, Yawning at Tigers. He compares God to plutonium- one glimpse of Him would melt us, but we yawn as people start talking to Him or about Him. He is so HUGE and so GOOD. Oh, with only a glimpse of Him- we change.

No more yawning!

As I create and write NUMB– I pray that our hearts wouldn’t sleep as we read these words, but that we could drink them in as the greatest of all truths- God is real and moving and for us and with us.

Thankful for you all.




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In the comments tell us…

Which of these truths stirs you right now, personally? Why?

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120 Responses to “What We Believe About God-Free Prints”

  1. Nicole Spellman

    I AM HE who blots out your mistake and will not remember them. AMEN and AMEN.

  2. Noelle

    My Spirit is with you. I will not leave you.
    Feeling alone and lost with a new baby and no sleep for 6 months. I don’t need another person telling me it’s just a season. I need to know He hears me. He sees me. And He will never leave me.

    • Noelle He hears you and hes sitting right there with you. Hes gotten you this far and he will continue to carry you. Don’t give up. Praying for you!

    • I was reflecting this morning on that time in my life. He hears you — even if it seems like no one else does.

  3. Whatever you ask the father in his name he will give you……..This speaks to me today. My prayer today is trying to know if God has given me a “No” on a relationship that has ended and left my daughter and I devastated. I so want to know that I am hearing God correctly and when this first happened I felt God in my heart tell me its not over. All I want is Gods will….. Its been several months now and I and growing in my faith and patience daily. I just want to make sure I follow His will.

  4. Carrie

    What speaks to me right now is “I am He who blots out your mistakes. I will not remember your sins”
    That sums up what I took away from if:Gathering, that I am worthy!! I will stop living in my past and will look forward to the life I’m destined to have with Christ.

  5. Bethany Miller

    “I will equip you for every good work I have planned.”
    God has been teaching and reminding me of this truth over the last year. He does not waste, He is constantly preparing me to fulfill the plan he has for me and it is GOOD!

  6. Marjan

    That He will not remember my sins. Not simply that they are forgiven, they are forgotten! Truly amazing grace.

  7. Priscilla Monson

    ….that God’s spirit dwells in me…..How powerful! And how often I forget that He actually inhabits my soul with the Holy Spirit! With Him, truly nothing is impossible!!!


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